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“Democracy in Norway”… An Excerpt from an Anonymous 4chan Contributor That is as Interesting as it is Troubling…

August 24, 2011

It’s been a while since my last post….things in my life haven’t exactly settled as I had hoped. In fact, they’ve become progressively worse.
If there is anybody that still bothers to read my stuff, I sincerely thank you for your support and apologize for my lack of contributions in 2011.
However, while browsing through /b/ (aka Random) on the infamous 4chan website, I came across a very interesting…and very troubling…entry.
It is from an anonymous source (as is typical on this site) who lives in Norway.
Here is an excerpt of what he/she had to say about the current state of affairs in Norway since the tragic, terrible shootings by Anders Behring Breivik back on July 22, 2011.

I’ll let it speak for itself…


Democracy in Norway by Anonymous 08/24/11(Wed)18:29:41 No.349596697

When the 22.07 shootings occured in Norway, we were promised more openness, more democracy, dialog and respect.
What I’m seeing around me now is the complete opposite. Voices are being silenced everywhere. If there is any news about immigrations or muslims, they disable the comment section. If, by chance, they leave it open, they delete any comment that are in any way, shape or form negative towards immigration. The left wing are free to say whatever they want, but as soon as someone from the right wing says anything, they are labeled racists.

I’m scared of what’s happening here.

People are getting more and more upset over where things are going, but the government does not listen. Over 50% of Norwegians DOES(sic) NOT want this unlimited flow of non-western immigrants flooding our country with a religion that still belongs in the dark ages.

Native Norwegian children in Oslo have to stay in school where up to 95% of students are immigrants. White, blonde girls are being called sluts. They dye their hair to get away, which of course, doesn’t happen.
Young boys are being harrassed for not being circumcised.
People are beaten for eating pork.
They don’t celebrate christmas in schools anymore, since that “might offend the muslims”.
Muslims demanded a picture of a pig be taken down in a hospital childrens ward.
There are rape-waves, where young Norwegian girls are raped. A 14 year old girl killed herself not too long ago, after being gang raped by africans.
Yet we are silenced. We are not allowed to feel anything about this, unless of course there’s a muslim being mistreated. Then it’s all over the news.

After the shooting, I was devastated. I didn’t want this for my country, but the last weeks I’ve seen where hatred like that comes from, when you are shot down in debates as a not very intelligent, low income racist.

I have no special powers. I have nothing, but my voice, and that is silenced. So I turn to you, anon. What can I do, what can we do?

Where most debates are being deleted.

The traitors who let these people into my country.

The organiztion that got 700 000 NOK for muslims to invite Norwegians for tea.

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