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Poison Meat for Poison Pens…How Karl Rove May Actually Be Helping Christine O’Donnell Win in November…(Maybe)

September 15, 2010

Some time ago, I read a rather unremarkable spy novel in which the key protagonists had to break into the sprawling mansion of a powerful Drug Cartel leader. Among the many obstacles the characters had to overcome to accomplish their objective, the outside grounds were patrolled by several menacing guard dogs which roamed freely throughout the vast estate. The main character and his associate, a wily veteran, would do “recon” at the premises every night…and every night the wily veteran would bring a bag of raw beef, sealed in a baggie, which he would throw to the barking, growling dogs as he walked by the perimeter fence.
The purpose of the free red meat to the guard dogs was evident the night of the attempted break-in: For the first couple of days, the guard dogs would regard the meat with suspicion, sniffing it carefully before eating it…but eventually the dogs would eat it. After that, the dogs would still bark & growl at him but when the meat was thrown to them they would no longer be hesitant to consume it within seconds after it was thrown to them.
And on the night of the break-in, the wily veteran threw the red meat to the guard dogs as expected and the guard dogs immediately snatched up the free meal and gobbled it down as expected…only this time the meat was poisoned.
Since the dogs no longer viewed the free meat with skepticism like they did at first, they didn’t check the meat before eating it.
Within minutes, the poisoned meat did them in.

On September 14, Christine O’Donnell was elected to become the Republican Senate Nominee for the state of Delaware, defeating incumbent Republican Senator Mike Castle in what many pundits and TV talking heads regarded as a shocking upset.
One of the more notable pundits/talking heads was Karl Rove, nicknamed “The Architect” during the George W. Bush presidency.
Rove was hardly shy about expressing his support for Mike Castle over O’Donnell before this election, and he is certainly entitled to his opinions, but it was what he said about Christine O’Donnell after the election results were announced that received a lot of attention.
For example, here…

…and here, the following day…

Why would he say such things? Why would he make such petty, hurtful comments about the woman who just made a come-from-behind victory over an established Washington insider with years of experience and resources?
Karl Rove is a smart, shrewd, and highly knowledgeable man…this made no sense to me at all! Not only was he taking cheap, almost slanderous pot-shots at O’Donnell, not only was he attacking her character instead of her policy platform, but he was also providing plenty of red meat for the Progressive Left & her Democrat opponents to use against her between now & November!
What’s worse, much if not most of the scurrilous accusations he made against her had pretty much been answered, so Rove was actually dredging up more slime to be thrown at her…slime that had supposedly settled, to turn a phrase.
I was confused. These actions made no sense to me. We’re talking about Karl Rove; a man who could out-argue fiscal, domestic, and foreign policy against any hate-filled Left-Wing Socialist hack from HuffPo or MSNBC with one hand tied behind his back!
So why would he so eagerly make such cheap shots at O’Donnell? If he didn’t support her, why not out-argue her position on political hot-button issues? Why bring up her personal history and essentially hold it out to the public as red meat for the attack dogs of the Mainstream Media, the Blogosphere, and the Democrat Party?
This seemed like such a stupid thing for him to do…especially if he really was a supporter of the Republican ticket as he claimed.
Why would he make Christine O’Donnell’s personal life so vulnerable to vicious attacks from the likes of The Huffington Post, DailyKos, and NBC News? Surely the venom that flows within their poison pens would be put to full use against her between now & the Midterm Elections in November, wouldn’t it?

And then it hit me:
Red Meat.
Maybe the “read meat” is “poisoned”?
Maybe this wasn’t such a stupid thing to do after all?

Remember, these personal attacks against O’Donnell first started when her opponent was another Republican…now her opponent is a Democrat. A Democrat who has legions of supporters well-versed in Bill & Hillary Clinton’s “Politics of Personal Destruction”.
A Democrat who has thousands of Left Wing supporters on the Internet who are proud disciples of the tactics of Saul Alinsky.
A Democrat who can rely on the fawning, sycophantic Mainstream Media to try & dig up as much dirt on O’Donnell as possible…then slander her over the airwaves couched in the increasingly flimsy guise of “news”.
Never mind about her stance on Obama’s Health Care Takeover…we have video of O’Donnell talking about masturbation! It’s Modern Journalism 101!

Red meat for the attack dogs…courtesy of The Architect.

Even if you’ve already watched those clips above, please watch them again…notice how Rove almost immediately brings up O’Donnell’s alleged dirty laundry.
Remember: These accusations were levelled against her weeks ago. Not only did smearing her name hardly ruin her political chances, it actually mobilized her supporters and helped her gain some sympathy with independent voters who are just as aware of the partisan dirty tricks utilized these days…and are just as fed up with such tactics as I am!
Perhaps by focusing on these personal allegations instead of her political acumen, and thereby luring the Angry Left to focus their attacks that way as well, Rove might be helping Christine O’Donnell to win in November?
After all, he said that even though he wasn’t impressed with Christine O’Donnell personally, Rove said that he was a supporter of the Republican ticket.
And by his actions, Rove might very well be goading the Angry Hateful Left to attack O’Donnell in precisely the wrong manner…an attack that could backfire on the Democrats in the most spectacular way this November.

All of this is predicated, however, on the assumption that Karl “The Architect” Rove isn’t a stupid man…and is, in fact, a very cunning and very shrewd political strategist.

It reminds me somewhat of what Morgan Freeman’s character did in the movie Outbreak when Dustin Hoffman’s character was trying to stop the military from destroying the plague-infected town of Cedar Creek with a huge bomb….
(The scene I’m referring to is about 2:00 in)

Surely you don’t believe that he said those things because he was actually trying to help, do you?

Perhaps Karl Rove, in the supposed pretense of opposing O’Donnell’s nomination, dangled some juicy red meat for the Angry Left to gleefully consume…”red meat” in the form of personal attacks…in the hopes that the legions of Alinskyite Progressives will turn their proverbial poison pens against her…
…and consequently poison themselves in the process…
…which not only would further damage the Mainstream Media’s already tarnished reputation in the eyes of the public…
…and might also tarnish the reputation of Chris Coons, her Democrat opponent this November…
…it might actually enable Christine O’Donnell to win the Delaware Senate Seat in the Midterm Election this November.

In my opinion of course.

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