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For All That You Have Done To Make America Great Again… I Thank You, President Obama!

August 21, 2010

I had an epiphany a few hours ago.
It was during a conversation I had with a few friends & coworkers of mine. A few of them claim to be apolitical but expressed concerns about the current situation in America…politically, socially,and economically. A couple more were either liberal or registered Democrats, but were expressing misgivings about the vote they cast back in November 2008…and were seriously concerned about others who claim to share their political ideology in this day & age. And then there was me…the only registered Republican conservative of the group.
We had a fascinating conversation about current events and politics. I had a chance to listen to their political views, I had a chance to rebut their political assertions, and I had a chance to express my own political views.
My epiphany came when I realized that, of everybody who was involved in our discussion, I was the most optimistic of us all.
More than all of the Obama supporters and disinterested participants…it was I who was most hopeful. Hopeful for our country…hopeful for our future. And I realized that all of this optimism that I held was solely because of one man…one man and his grand vision for America:

President Barack Obama.

So I am typing this blog to give sincere thanks to this ambitious man who has done so much to make the United States of America a better place…to restore the luster to our great country and to return America to its rightful place as the greatest nation in human history.

Because of Barack Obama, Americans are waking up…waking up from a decades-long coma. Americans are finally emerging from their self-involvement and realizing that our country has a serious problem: we have allowed the wrong people to gain access to our highest seats of power. People whose hatred of our country and our ideals have been the motivation for their avarice-addled aspirations to austerity and authority in America…all alliteration aside! 😉
We have allowed them to have unwarranted influence over our most impressionable and our most important resource: our children.
We have been cowed by an agenda-driven organization that anointed itself “The Fourth Estate“, blithely ignorant of its machinations, its elitism, and its lies.

And now, we have opened our eyes and we are finally seeing just how troubling…how dangerous…how frightening…it is that these same people currently hold so much sway…so much power…so much control in America.

Correction: “…so much control OF America.”

America is finally taking notice.
And America doesn’t like what it is seeing at all.
And what’s more…America isn’t going to ignore this problem anymore!

Thanks to President Barack Obama, these power-hungry elitists were under the impression that the 2008 election was a triumphant culmination of decades of effort to achieve their lofty goals. They believed that nothing stood in the way of their final push towards their ultimate goal. They believed that the the finish line was in sight.
They just didn’t take two small items into consideration:
Reality and sunshine.
Just as they started down the proverbial home stretch, reality began to trip up their progression. The many European models that they held up in comparison to what they saw as America’s failing began to wither as paragons of example.
In spite of this, these elitists doggedly refused to see the writing on the wall; they stubbornly insisted that they were right…that theirs was the true way…and that everything would work exactly as they wanted it to work…once they got everything they wanted, the way they wanted it.

But that harsh reality was exposed to sunlight. And in that sunlight, the failings were brazenly displayed. So brazen, so obvious, that even the most apathetic citizen took notice. But what the citizens of America noticed even more than the flaws in their system was the behavior of those who continued to advocate such a flawed, failing system.

We saw their arrogance.

We saw their hypocrisy.

We saw their condescension.

We saw their utter indifference to our concerns.

We saw their smug disregard to our views, our feelings, our opinions.

We saw their indignant outrage when we dared to even question their ideas.

And such displays shocked us. They troubled us. They angered us.
And it motivated us from apathy to action.
We learned of their secrets. We learned their own tricks and schemes from the very tricksters who taught them…

…in conjunction with a few tricks of our own.

For some, it was the type of motivation that they’ve never acted on before.

But, in taking action, we discovered that other shared our concerns. Many others. And in banding together we motivated others to stand up and speak out.

Soon, our ranks grew to formidable numbers. And what was most interesting about our numbers is that we weren’t a homogenized group-think army. We weren’t a seasoned band of professional activists. And we weren’t a rowdy gang of violent antagonists.

But there are words that definitely describes us best:


We are many rugged individuals, with nearly as many viewpoints, and yet we seek a common cause and speak with a unified voice in opposition to our freedom and liberty being trampled upon in the march towards Socialism.
Out Of Many…One.
Don’t Tread On Us.

And like some spoiled children who discover that they aren’t going go get things their way anymore, they’re lashing out in immature conceit…denigrating our views…
…calling us names such as “racists”…

…belittling our ideology…marginalizing our efforts.
Or just plain ignoring us.

And this is only motivating us further.
And that motivation will move us towards greater things.
A greater tomorrow.
A tomorrow without the corrupt, destructive, soul-killing policies that currently are poisoning the well of American prosperity and freedom.

So thank you very much, President Barack Obama.
Because of your effort and the efforts of those in Washington DC who support your grand vision, The United States of America will become a much better place.

Just not the place you & Congress are striving for!

5 Comments leave one →
  1. Xian Do permalink*
    August 21, 2010 5:35 am

    It used to take me approximately three hours, from start to finish, to submit a new blog on my site.

    This one took over 19 hours…including three computer crashes & reboots.

    Now you know why I hardly posting anything on my site anymore.

    I hate my computer.
    And clearly my computer hates me too.

  2. Sweet permalink
    August 21, 2010 8:21 am

    great job!

    suggestion: invest in a new computer 😀

    suggestion 2: post more

    • Xian Do permalink*
      August 21, 2010 10:29 pm

      Thank you, my Sweet!

      RE: Suggestion # 1: Sure…I got a few extra hundreds laying around my place. Probably under the sofa cushions…

      RE: Suggestion # 2: I’ll try. Promise!

  3. August 21, 2010 8:47 pm

    Lol, sorry about your PC crashing. I hope you are right about America being awaken. I know I’ve been campaigning hard for Bill Flores and John Dennis. If John Dennis wins Nancy Pelosi’ seat, that will scare the crap out of the Democrats and for good reasons, too!

    I’m so young but I think I have seen America at it’s worst time in my life, still I am full of hope.

    Keep on writing!

    • Xian Do permalink*
      August 21, 2010 10:32 pm

      Thank you very much, Mr. Birch!

      Just know that there are many of us up here in Portland, OR who are rooting for you to succeed in your efforts!
      Keep up the campaigning! It will really make a difference, both for your candidate and also for yourself.

      As for the writing, I’m trying to return to a regular schedule. Thanks again for the support!

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