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A Provocative Comparison (…If I Had The Guts To Do It…)

July 15, 2010

In November, Americans will be returning to the polls and will once again exercise their Constitutional right to vote for their preferred Congressional representative.

Wouldn’t it be interesting if…

…three white people dressed up in black leather jackets, black trousers, black combat boots, and black berets on their heads? In other words, three white people dressed up to look like members of the New Black Panther Party.

Then these three white people in their Black Panther paramilitary gear drive to a polling place in a predominately black section of town, park their car, get out, and take their pre-arranged positions in front of the polling place.Two of them will be wielding police nightsticks and the third will be wielding a camcorder. While the third person video records the event, the other two will openly brandish their nightsticks in their hands while they yell to every passing black voter “You gonna learn what it’s like being ruled by the black man, cracker!” and “We’s takin’ over, cracker!” and so on.
That’s right….they will refer to all black people entering the polling place as “crackers” and they will taunt every black voter with threats about being “ruled by the black man“.

The three white people would not use any racist rhetoric that would disparage blacks…they would only use racist rhetoric such as “cracker“, “honky“, “ofay” or any other white-bashing slurs.
Even better, the three white people would only quote, word-for-word, the exact same remarks used by King Samir Shabazz outside a Philadelphia polling station in 2008.
Only this time, these exact same remarks will be directed towards blacks….not whites.

Anyone want to guess what the reaction from the Department of Justice would be? Or how quickly they would react?
Yeah, I know: it would be a sucker bet.

Still….it would be rather interesting to see what would happen.

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