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2009: A Glass Half-Full … A Christmas Letter of GENUINE Hope From the Common Sense Network

December 28, 2009

I wanted to share this with you. I received it from a fellow Conservative who is as concerned for the United States of America as I am, but also views our current situation with the same optimistic potential that I do.
Hope you enjoy it.

Fellow Common Sense Citizens –

Although we’ve been hearing voices of triumph from the socialists about the Senate’s passage of a health care bill, we in the opposition have no reason to despair. We should, in fact, all be heartened by what we the people have accomplished.

Looking forward from July of this year, if you’d told the Beltway insider talking heads that we’d get to 2010 without Obama’s signature on a health care reform law, most would’ve told you that you were completely nuts. After all, Nancy Pelosi controls the House of Representatives by a whopping 78-vote margin, and Harry Reid commands a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate.

The American Medical Association, Big Pharma, the AARP, the unions and the insurance companies are all on board for the plan.

Given the industry and labor support for the bill, and no organized opposition, Obama was reasonably confident that he could get all the voting done before the August Recess.

And yet, despite holding all the reins of power, and despite the solid support of big business and big labor, there is still no health care law in place, five months later. There’s no guarantee that the reform plan will ever pass into law. After all, the House version of the bill and the Senate version of the bill define two very different programs. Reconciling the two into something that can pass both chambers will be no trivial task.

We’re hearing now that it may be February of next year before the House even takes the health care bill up again.

The Administration’s troubles go beyond the health care bill. Obama’s Cap and Trade bill was supposed to be passed into law months ago, but it’s apparently gone into the witness protection program or something, because no one’s seen hide nor hair of it.

The left-wing juggernaut which started the year firing on all cylinders and blowing down the tracks at ramming speed is now stuck in a ditch. The left-wing talking heads are now whining that our nation is ‘ungovernable.’ What they mean is that our nation is not prepared to be bullied into socialism. And they are right.

What happened to the Administration’s agenda? You happened. The people happened. Across the nation, the people stood up against the socialist cram-down, and together knocked the overconfident left-wingers back on their heels.

It’s fair to say that, although there’s certainly much work left to do, we in the opposition have every right to enjoy a very Merry Christmas. Each of you deserves a sincere ‘thank you’ for giving the people of our nation reason to hope again, and to remind us all that our ‘shining city on a hill’ still shines as a beacon of hope to the world, even in these trying times. You deserve America’s sincerest gratitude for everything you have done—and will do in the coming days.

Best wishes to you and yours this holiday season,
– The Common Sense Citizens’ Network

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