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Proving a Negative……Easily

November 29, 2009

A popular tactic utilized by many who support any of the multitude of agendas promoted by Leftist ideology (and by Scientologists) is to turn the tables on any argument and force your opponent to “prove a negative”.
That is, if somebody dares question your beliefs or intentions, simply respond to their question with a question of your own. This forces the skeptic to try and justify their own views, more often than not forcing the skeptic to essentially prove a negative, which the Leftist can subsequently criticize or attack….freeing the Leftist from the responsibility of having to justify their own opinion on the subject.

This tactic has been a highly effective tool utilized by groups ranging from Holocaust deniers to so-called “9/11 Truthers” to gay marriage advocates.
Being forced to “prove a negative” is a particularly difficult tactical position…i.e.- “Prove that gay marriage would harm traditional marriage” or “Prove that 9/11 would still have happened if Al Gore was president” etc, etc….

Another group that has latched onto this particularly reprehensible tactic, like a lamprey to the belly of a carp, are the Global Warming believers…especially in the past couple of days.
The reason for such desperation moves, especially in light of their so-called “proven science” and so-called “scientific consensus”, can be summed up in two words:


What I find interesting is that the traditional (read: cowardly) tactic doesn’t work this time.
I speak from personal experience. As I type this, I just had such an encounter with a Global Warming advocate a few hours ago. She was a die-hard Eco/Green/AGW puppet who can’t seem to keep her opinions to herself. Naturally, she just had to pontificate to the rest of us about the typical global warming rhetoric…so I calmly responded about how I didn’t believe in global warming.
She smugly turned to me and insisted that I prove to her & everybody else that global warming wasn’t real….in other words, she demanded that I “prove a negative”.
Luckily, I only needed two words to respond:


She sniffed condescendingly and said that such evidence was nonsense.
Smiling, I said to her “Prove that Climate-Gate is untrue…
She paused, made a rude comment, and climbed down from her Global Warming soapbox.

Hee-hee! No wonder so many on the Left use such underhanded tactics!

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