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An Open Letter To The “Embrace Diversity” Crowd…or…A Pride Of ‘Lying’-s

October 16, 2009

To all those who continue to promote the idea of homosexuality as normal, healthy, biologically predetermined, and deserving of cultural acceptance…I have a request:

Prove it.

That’s all.
Just prove it.

Go on…prove it.

And forget all that “empirical data” bullshit. If I went to Westborough Baptist Church and took a survey of what they thought of homosexuality, then my empirical data would overwhelmingly be anti-gay…would that still be valid “empirical data”?
Of course not.
So don’t waste my time with so-called scientific “empirical data” showing that because a bunch of homosexuals thought of themselves as normal, it “proved” their normalcy.

And you can take any studies or results from anything from a guy named “Kinsey” and stuff them in the trash bin….unless you are also willing to lend credibility to Kinsey’s many claims in those same studies that homosexuality and pedophilia are inexorably intertwined…and are both normal.
(I’ll gladly discuss this comparison later!)

And before you try to turn the argument around and demand that I prove my side…let me point out that, in spite of any of your claims to the contrary, I don’t have to prove anything to you!

I’m not the one demanding that centuries of cultural norms be kicked to the curb in favor of something completely contradictory to both social upbringing, theological teachings, anthropological development, Darwinian Theory, and the gut instincts of billions of human beings….you are.
If I stood up and demanded that violence and murder….something that has been an integral, if unpleasant, part of human existence since the dawn of man itself…suddenly and completely be regarded as normal, healthy, and deserving of cultural acceptance…
…how ridiculous would it be for me to demand that you, who are aghast at the idea and vociferously oppose any such radical social re-engineering, be the ones to justify their arguments against such actions?

So, if you insist that I embrace homosexuality as normal and as something deserving of cultural acceptance, I’m not the person who needs to justify my views on the idea.

You are.

This is your argument.
So prove it.

You can’t, can you?
Don’t bother trying to find excuses…we both know you can’t.
What’s worse is that we both know you won’t even try.

I’ve read your book: After The Ball: How America Will Conquer It’s Fear And Hatred Of Gays In The 90’s by Marshall Kirk and Hunter Madsen.
I know how you play the game.
And I know how you are “gaming” the system in your favor.
And what’s more, I understand why you need to “game” the system in order to get your way.
Because if you were telling the truth…if science is on your side…if you had all the facts…and you were on the side of right…

If all that was true…my earlier request would be a snap.
And we wouldn’t be having this debate, would we?
And this is only the first reason why I may never jump on the pro-homosexual bandwagon. You can’t prove your viewpoint…in fact, you won’t prove it. Instead you manipulate and deceive others into either embracing your views or, at the very least, questioning their own views.

You see nothing wrong with such tactics, eh? Then let me put this to you:

Mathematicians don’t debate whether 2 + 2 = 4.
Firefighters don’t debate whether fire is or isn’t hot to the touch.
Yes, there is a group called “The Flat-Earthers Society” but they hold no credibility in the eyes of astronomers and even cosmologists.

Yet, the so-called experts on psychiatry and sexuality still debate the validity of your claims about the normalcy of homosexuality to this very day.
And again, you won’t even try to rationalize your views…you only pompously demand that I justify mine.

Still insist I’m wrong? Still think I shouldn’t be saying these things? Still think I’m just being a closed-minded idiot and an intolerant hater?

Prove it.

(More on this later…)

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