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It Always Begins In The Same Way, Part 5 … Tactics For Traditionalists

June 28, 2009

Once I was confronted by an individual about a controversial political topic….and, from the moment the other person began to speak, I knew it was a confrontation I was going to lose.
Without so much as a preamble, he began to rattle off a litany of examples and statistics that bolstered his viewpoint on the subject at hand. He was exacting in verbal detail; he didn’t present so much his views on a subject during a simple discussion as much as he stood at a podium and gave an elaborate speech. Clearly he had memorized the source of his voluminous information…verbatim…chapter and verse. He even cited numerical statistics and quoted very specific names of people who contributed their conclusions into the original text, including their educational background and the specific dates and locations his textual corroborators originally presented their viewpoints.

Faced against such overwhelming examples of well-researched and thoroughly documented evidence, I had no chance to present even a remotely substantial counterargument. How credible would I be to put up a limited response to…much less simply dismiss outright…the conclusions my opponent had so meticulously presented?

Yet, despite his incredible presentation…not to mention his mnemonic retention to be able to virtually quote, word-for-word, all the substantive evidence necessary to justify his viewpoint…I still couldn’t bring myself to accept his conclusions. In fact, I adamantly refused to believe a word of any of it.

No matter how credible his argument sounded, I would never accept his claim that the Holocaust was nothing more than an elaborate myth.

So, whenever I am confronted by an Angry Leftist activist who angrily spits out their regurgitated sound-bites and re-hashed talking points…attempting to bedazzle me with their apparent knowledge of Global Warming, Right-Wing conspiracies, Christian encroachment into Government, Science, and Education, etc al…
I simply tell them about the guy who claimed that the Holocaust was a myth…and about how all the mountains of evidence in the world meant nothing if the conclusion was nothing more than a partisan, agenda-driven lie.

According to the book “Rules For Radicals” by Saul Alinsky, ridicule is the best weapon against a political rival because it angers them…thus they, and their cause, lose all credibility and respect.
Well, nothing angers a Leftist more than calling out their carefully prepared, meticulously crafted, over-compensating dissertations for the self-serving, rationalist bull-puckey it really is.

“If your opponent is of choleric temper, seek to irritate him.”
–Sun Tzu, The Art of War

To be continued….

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