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Being Right … And Being “Correct”

June 28, 2009

Due to a multitude of emotionally draining issues, ranging from personal and familial to financial and social, I haven’t had the time, the opportunity, nor the motivation to submit as many new blogs as I had hoped these past few months. Were it not for the several old blogs of mine that I’ve been transferring from my old (now nonexistent) Blogspot site, my contributions to my new WordPress site would be nil.
And sadly, I am going to continue my drought for the foreseeable future.
However, I do plan to make as many small contributions to my new site as I can…time permitting.
For example, I couldn’t resist posting about an off-hand comment I made on my Twitter page on June 20. I was referring to a piss-poor column written by a piss-poor former writer of The Late Show With David Letterman who had made a piss-poor excuse about David Letterman’s piss-poor joke about Sarah Palin’s daughter being ‘knocked up” by Alex Rodriguez at a Yankees baseball game.
I left a comment stating that it wasn’t really about a crummy joke; it was nothing more than a personal attack on Sarah Palin via her children (notably 18 year old Bristol, who was in Alaska at the time, and 14 year old Willow, who attended the baseball game with her mother).
Here’s the post:

@JTlol : Whether it was Willow or Bristol, this was a low-down, ‘by proxy’ attack on Sarah Palin (Betcha $5 Trig will be next Palin smeared)
2:08 AM Jun 20th from web in reply to JTlol

Note the closing comment?
Betcha $5 Trig will be next Palin smeared“.
I said this rather tongue-in-cheek at the time. I knew that the Left were petty, hate-filled, PC-addled narcissists who believed the ends justified the means…and they’ve never failed to prove me right time and again…but I couldn’t help but wonder if even they would sink so low as to use Sarah Palin’s newborn son Trig, born with Down’s Syndrome, as a tool to attack the Alaska Governor whom they loathe so much…much less make personal attacks against Trig, a Down’s Syndrome baby?

I mean, how Politically Incorrect would that be?



Sarah Palin thinks photoshopping special needs babies is appalling - The Som

Sarah Palin thinks photoshopping special needs babies is appalling - The Som - page


Hmm…seems as though I was right. How appropriate is this when it comes from the Politically Correct Left?
And to think, I made my comment in mild jest.

You know what this means, right?
Somebody owes me five dollars.


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  1. holly permalink
    November 9, 2010 7:37 pm

    Some people should be beat for being so rude. You are f***ing sick to do something so low and to be so rude. I hope you suffer in life for being such a bastard.

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