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Can You Feel Me, Brothers and Sisters?…OR…Pushing “The Button”

June 18, 2009

During the height of the 2008 election, I read a blog submitted by Chris Jones titled “The Most Paranoid Piece of Lunacy Ever Written“…
(Again…kudos to Chris Jones! Great blog!)
…in which he remarked that the subject of the blog, a writer of Leftist ideology named Naomi Wolf, seemed to have gone off the deep end. She had written a commentary in the infamous Huffington Post proclaiming that a vote for McCain/Palin would bring about the final steps of some sort of insidious “Rove-Cheney-Halliburton-KBR” master plan to institute some kind of corrupt authoritarian dictatorship in the United States. The author of the blog, Chris Jones, and several additional commentators remarked at how unhinged, deranged, and hysterically ridiculous both Naomi Wolf and her pronouncements sounded. Several humorous retorts were made. Lots of laughs were had by all.
Well…almost all.
I wasn’t laughing.
Make no mistake, please…I also thought her stupid commentary was silly conspiratorial nonsense and shouldn’t be taken seriously by anyone for even one moment. But that’s where I stopped laughing. You see, I can sleep comfortably knowing that anybody with a modicum of common sense can see the absurdity of Ms. Wolf’s stupid article…as well as the vast majority of people in general who make the unfortunate mistake of reading such pedantic, partisan drivel. But I cannot make such a blanket assumption about everybody.
And that’s why I’m not laughing.

As anybody whose read my previous blogs may have noticed, my partisan bias is not reflected against the politicians who don’t stand for what I believe, nor is it held against the average person who simply holds a different or dissenting viewpoint to my own. In fact, I am fully convinced of the importance…no, the necessity…of those with a different viewpoint in a free, successful America.
No, my rancor is reserved for what I refer to as the Angry Left and the Furious Left…those who suffer from what I privately refer to, until now, as “Push-Button Syndrome“.

WARNING: The following is what Mr. Glenn Beck refers to as ‘an A.D.D. moment’…

There was a movie from 1965 titled “How To Murder Your Wife“. It starred Jack Lemmon, Terry-Thomas, and Virna Lisi…it was a silly 60’s comedy in the vein of a Doris Day/Rock Hudson/Tony Randall film…it was arguably one of the most unintentionally male chauvinistic films ever made…and it’s one of my personal favorite films of all time. The plot involves a free-wheeling bachelor (Jack Lemmon) who wakes up one morning after a wild drunken party to discover he’s now married to the beautiful Italian babe (Virna Lisi) who popped out of a cake during the high point of the previous night’s festivities.
She’s exotically gorgeous, is an excellent cook, thinks the world of her new husband, and has an insatiable sex drive rivaling that of an entire warren of rabbits hopped-up on Ecstasy, Viagra, and Spanish Fly.
And yet…Lemmon’s character is miserable and longs to return to his carefree bachelor days.
In a series of mix-ups and misadventures, he is mistakenly accused of murdering his hot nympho wife and stands trial….where he chooses to represent himself in court. In the key scene, Lemmon takes a piece of chalk and draws a circle on the wood banister in front of the jury box. He proclaims to the men in the courtroom that the circle is a “button” that, if they pushed it, will erase their wife from existence and return the man to his free-wheeling fun-filled bachelor days…and with delightful Mephistophelean aplomb that only the inimitable Jack Lemmon could muster, he charms and cajoles the men in the courtroom and finally convinces them to “push the button”.
Needless to say that, even though everyone still believes he killed his luscious wife, Jack Lemmon’s character is acquitted by the all-male jury.

What fascinates me, and cements my personal viewpoint regarding those whose beliefs differ from my own, is that I’ve utilized the “Push-Button” scenario many times in the past when a hot topic came up in conversation. The end results are fascinating…if not troubling.

I’ve posed to Republicans the scenario that “pushing the button” will exterminate all Democrats: they almost never “pushed the button”.
But when I put the same scenario to Democrats…that “pushing the button” will exterminate all Republicans…many of them did, indeed, “push the button”.

I told Right Wing ideologues that “pushing the button” would exterminate all Left Wingers…and many of them did.
But when I told Left-Wing ideologues that “pushing the button” would wipe out all Right-Wingers…many, many more of them gleefully did so…significantly more than the Right Wingers.

I put the scenario to anti-gay activists that “pushing the button” would kill off all homosexuals…and most of them refused to do so. ‘Correct’ them, perhaps…marginalize them, perhaps…but not kill.
When I put the scenario to gay activists that “pushing the button” would kill off all Christians and Republicans, however…nearly all of them “pushed the button”. Many of them repeatedly “pushed the button” in rapid fashion, as if to ensure that ALL of them were wiped out. Some gay activists even anticipated what my scenario was proposing and eagerly started “pushing the button” before I even had a chance to finish my sentence.

I found such results to be quite illuminating as to the psychological mind-set of certain people with a certain social and political viewpoint.
I don’t think that any of them would actually murder their rivals if given the chance…but the thought of pretending to exterminate them must’ve made them feel good.

Now…what does that have to do with Chris Jones’ blog?
Just this…I cannot say for certain that Naomi Wolf really does believe what she is writing (although I kinda doubt it). All that really matters is who her comments are pandering to…and how it affects them.

Vladimir Lenin and Adolph Hitler effectively stirred the crowds into a passionate frenzy, capitalizing on the crowd’s resentment of their sorry lot in life, as they utilized their various speeches to place the blame on the Czars and the Jews, respectively.

Ronald Reagan’s decision to refer to the Soviet Union as an “evil empire” wasn’t just a spur-of -the-moment description…it was meant to influence the passions of proud Americans in order to lift them out of the sullen funk that resulted from four years under Jimmy Carter.

When Gavin Cato was accidentally killed by a car belonging to Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson’s motorcade in 1991, the so-called Reverend Al Sharpton inflamed NY blacks to commit The infamous Crown Heights Riot in retaliation…a riot that resulted in the brutal murder of Yankel Rosenbaum by a gang of twenty rampaging black thugs.

In another example of Sharpton’s antagonistic skills, he stirred the anger of NY blacks in 1995 when he crusaded to have a Jewish-owned retail store shut down…and Roland J. Smith Jr. was stirred enough to shoot up & burn down the store, killing 8 people.

There’s a term used for describing the act of preying upon a person’s feelings and inciting them to violence: pushing their buttons.

Many have (sometimes derisively) postulated that the fundamental characteristic of Liberals is that they don’t think inasmuch as they feel; they don’t follow their heads but their hearts. I can personally vouch for that claim from the all-too frequent attempts to have a civil discussion about Gore/Kerry/Obama, Roe vs. Wade, gay rights, or Global Warming…they almost always resort to regurgitating prefabricated sound bites or, more often, name-calling and personal attacks.

Even today’s typical Liberal cannot seem to comprehend that taxpayer funded government programs are not free programs, or that Universal Health Care and government-funded housing are shining examples of the wildly successful forms of government that they had in the Soviet Union, North Korea, and Cuba, and that it makes no sense to enact more and more government programs to provide for U.S. citizens…then argue that you advocate keeping the government out of our private lives. But if you try to explain that to them, no matter how politely or calmly you try, they will retaliate with a litany of profanity and personal attacks…because that’s how they view any skepticism of their beliefs: as a personal assault.

This happens when you prefer to feel a certain way about a subject rather than to think about it. It’s easier to do something that makes you feel good about yourself than it is to analyze it and think about it. And to ‘feel’ a certain way towards something is to embrace the idea as a part of you, like a belief.
Thus, any questioning of their belief is seen as an attack on them personally, which makes them feel angry…necessitating a retaliatory attack.

So…after all of this long-winded dissertation, what is the point? Why wasn’t I laughing about Naomi Wolf’s HuffPo column, you ask?
Simply this…
Her claims made no sense at all…in fact, they sounded ridiculous…when you think about it.
But how did it make you feel?
I’ll bet it pushed a few of your buttons, didn’t it?
Now think about people who share Ms. Wolf’s views…imagine how it made them feel.
I’ll bet it pushed a few of their buttons, as well.

It’s easier to feel than it is to think. And as history has shown time and again, it’s also a great deal more effective to influence others by making them feel than it is by making them think.
Naomi Wolf wasn’t trying to make her readers think that McCain/Palin, or the Republicans in general, were evil, corrupt, and going to do bad things to us…

…she was trying to make them feel that they were.

And if you feel that this isn’t anything to worry about, think about Crown Heights…about Roland J. Smith Jr….about Dresden Square in 1936 and The Final Solution.
Remember that idea about “pushing the button”? Do you think that any of them would feel any remorse for pushing an actual button that would’ve actually exterminated the objects of their hate?

Now how do you feel about Naomi Wolf’s column?
Just think about it, please.

P.S. – I apologize for the length of my blogs, and their all-too-frequent meanderings….I just write what I feel. I don’t feel that there is anything wrong with that. What do you think?

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