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We’re Damned If He Is…We’re Damned If He Isn’t… (Originally posted on 9/12/08)

June 13, 2009

Once again, the elections are upon us. And once again, the usual partisan taunting, ridiculing, and name-calling is in full swing.
Even here in the “Blog-o-sphere” the lines are being drawn; for example, somebody submits a blog or a topic of discussion that opines that Obama will lose in November…and along will come a few snarky rebuttals from somebody claiming the contrary view. These comments do not inform, enlighten, or explain…they do not offer a counter-point of any substance…they are submitted simply to antagonize those who agreed with the topic of the original post. On other internet sites, I believe this is called “flaming”. It’s sad that such juvenile, hurtful actions are being utilized. There is enough of that pedantic gutter-sniping garbage going out everywhere else these days.

And that’s part of the reason for this blog, I guess.

I had the misfortune to be goaded into a “debate” with an Obama supporter while riding my city’s Light Rail service on my way to work last night. She saw me quietly reading a magazine artice that had some kind words about John McCain and felt the need to loudly chastise me for even considering the possibility of voting for him. Probably due to a mix of being in a lousy mood, plus her own lousy attitude, and more than a small reluctance to walk away from a confrontation…I responded with a challenge to explain, in full detail, her own candidate’s strategy to solve the problems that Americans are facing today.
I was treated to a veritable barrage of profanity and degredation in response…not to mention yet another tiresome verbal regurgitation of the same Leftist soundbites, in verbatim, about the evils of the Bush Administration and the country that elected him.

And as I looked back on that pathetic incident a few hours later…I had an epiphany.
Some would call it ‘a moment of clarity’…some might say it was a revelation…regardless of what one might call it, I realized exactly why I was feeling the way I am about this particular election.

I know why I was going to vote for McCain.,,the real reason.

It’s true that Obama hasn’t made the specifics of his grand presidential plan known, and that you probably can’t find a single Obama supporter who can explain the details of his plan without consulting Wikipedia or picking up talking points from the DailyKos…but the same can pretty much be said for McCain and his own ‘grand vision’.
I may be a registered Republican who holds Ronald Reagan in the highest regard, but I openly admit that in 1992 I cast my vote for Bill Clinton…and I can also say that, if I knew then what I know now, I’d STILL vote for Clinton (I’d just hate myself more for doing it!).
NOTE: I voted for Bob Dole in 1996…so I’m not beyond all hope of redemption.

I’d like to think that Barack Obama is a good person…a decent person…a person who does indeed love and care about his country and wants to make it a better place for all of us. He certainly hasn’t given me the impression to the contrary. And in spite of the invective and rhetoric coming from the more entrenched members of my side of the ideological aisle, I don’t see him as Che Guevarra or Josef Stalin in black-face, either.

So why won’t he get my vote? The answer is simply this:
He’s a lose-lose proposition in my book.

In my opinion, the key reason why I believe that he shouldn’t be president isn’t his persona. It isn’t the details of his fiscal policy or his global strategy (again: what details? Can you be even a little specific please?).
And no…It’s not his skin color, either.
I’m willling to give him the benefit of the doubt that he didn’t deliberately refer to Sarah Palin as a pig. I’m willing to look past his loss of eloquence when trying to answer a question without the benefit of a teleprompter…

(I mean, I voted for GW Bush…twice! Articulation must not be a key selling point for me!)
((That was a joke, by the way.))

I’m even willing to take him at his word when he claims to have had no negative influence from attending Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s hate-laced sermons for nearly twenty years.

(Okay, yes, I’m finding that last one extremely hard to swallow. Even harder to swallow than a glass of ManBearPig’s Special Warm Protein Smoothies that he’s always forcing me to drink…it has lumps in it and makes my teeth all squeaky!)

Anyhoo, the main reason…perhaps the only reason…I won’t vote for Obama isn’t necessarily because of the man himself. It’s because of everybody else who plans to vote for him.
It’s because of the people who are doing everything they can to get Obama into The White House. It’s because of the ones who believe (or Hope!) that, once he is sworn in, Obama will immediately set out to implement the “Change” they “Hope” for.

Among those who plan to vote Obama are…

1) The narrow-minded ideologues who are guaranteed to vote for anything with a ‘D’ next to it.

2) The self-satisfiers who are all too eager to show everybody how “un-racist” they are…by voting for the candidate with the darker skin.

3) People who are so selfish and shortsighted that they view the 2008 election as some kind of contest…having absolutely no regard for the ramifications once the election is over. If Obama becomes president, they will joyously shout “MISSION ACCOMPLISHED” then walk away and pay no more regard to what happens once their candidate actually takes power.

4) The bleeding hearts who mistakenly believe that voting for Obama would somehow ‘make up’ for slavery or Jim Crow.

5) People who regard the “removal” of Republicans from The White House as though it would be the equivalent of Frodo throwing The One Ring into the fires of Mordor…all ‘evil’ will be destroyed and everything will be happy and good again.

6) People who behave as though they actually believe George W. Bush will remain in power at The White House indefinitely unless Obama is elected.

7) Michael Moore

8 ) People who accuse the Republicans of being racists…yet keep re-electing Sen. Robert Byrd to office.

9) People who unquestioningly believe the likes of Ted Kennedy, Jay Rockefeller, Nancy Pelosi, John Edwards, Jane Harman, Harry Reid, John Kerry, Herb Kohl, John Corzine, Bob Graham, and John Dingell when they and other Democrats accuse the Republicans of being ‘The Party of the Rich’.

10) People who believe that African Americans are so weak and so inferior to whites that standards for testing and employment must be lowered in order to accommodate them…then accuse the Republicans of being racist.

11) People who get their news from the Daily Show with Jon Stewart, or from watching a monologue by Jay Leno or David Letterman…then believe that they’re politically astute.

12) People who plan to vote for Obama because he’s better looking than McCain.

13) People who accuse Fox News of being a corporate tool for Rupert Murdoch…then watch the news on CNN which is owned by Ted Turner.

14) People who accuse Fox News of being agenda-driven propagandists for the Republican Party…then get their news from MSNBC.

15) The women on The View

16) Pro-Socialists in academia who have systematically re-written US history in millions of textbooks to such an extent that few students today realize how much blood was spilled in the 20th Century as a result of countries such as The Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, Fascisti Italy, Red China, North Korea, Cuba, Vietnam, and others promoting Socialism to the masses.

17) Pro-Socialist student activists who couldn’t care less about the amount of blood that was spilled in the 20th Century as a result of countries such as The Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, Fascisti Italy, Red China, North Korea, Cuba, Vietnam, and others promoting Socialism to the masses.

18) Racial agitators in the Black community who continue to loudly proclaim that every single white person in America still has a white robe and a pointy white hood hanging in their closet.

19) Resentful egotists who believe that those who succeeded in achieving the American Dream must be punished for becoming so rich and successful by taking away their earned income because “they owe it to the country that allowed them to become rich and successful”.

20) International A.N.S.W.E.R., a front group for the Communist Workers World Party.

21) Leftist millionaires and billionaires who spearhead political causes that, among other things, advocate higher taxes for the rich and redistribution of wealth…yet finance such political causes with millions of dollars that are kept in overseas bank accounts…accounts that cannot be touched, much less taxed, by the US Government.

22) The Mainstream Media

23) Selfish narcissists in Hollywood who earned millions of dollars thanks to our current system of government…then stand on their soapboxes and advocate a system of government that would ensure that nobody else ever achieves the same success they did.

24) People who naively, and erroneously, believed that America was dearly loved and admired throughout the world until George W. Bush became president…and believe that the world will love and admire us again once he is gone.

25) People who have been brought up to believe that anything Republican is automatically evil…and anything Democrat is automatically good.

26) People who actually believe that Bill Clinton had a more ethnically diverse cabinet during his administration than Bush…simply because Clinton was a Democrat.

27) So-called ‘9/11 Truthers’

28) People who live their lives on various government programs because they believe that the US Government should provide everything for them.

29) People who claim that they want the government to stop creating new taxes, raising old taxes, and interfering in their private lives…yet, they support a political party that has been doing exactly that for decades.

30) People who cheered loudly in support when Bill Clinton promised to fix Social Security in 1992…then booed loudly in opposition when George W. Bush promised to do the exact same thing in 2006.

31) People who condemn and ridicule anybody who wouldn’t vote for a well-qualified political candidate who wasn’t Pro-Life…then flat-out refuse to vote for a well-qualified political candidate who wasn’t Pro-Choice.

32) People who are shown that The Iraq Liberation Act of 1998 (22 U.S.C. 2151 Note), signed into law by President Bill Clinton, gave the US the legal right to sent troops into Iraq, even unilaterally if need be, and remove Saddam Hussein from power…yet still accuse Bush of campaigning an illegal war.

33) Matt Damon

34) Aging leaders of the hippies movement, such as Richard Cusick, who never put the freewheeling 60’s behind them.

35) Aging leaders of the Weather Underground, such as William Ayers, who never put the revolutionary 60’s behind them, either.

You know, I had amassed a list of 129 more examples, just like the ones above, right off the top of my head…but I’ll stop there for now.

Now, I’m sure somebody on the other end of the political spectrum can amass a comparable list to show why they wouldn’t vote for McCain. I would look forward to such a list, in fact. But I have a pre-emptive response to that list of Right-Wing whackos and conservative nut jobs you would compile…

Most, if not all, of the extreme examples of the Right have been spotlighted, ridiculed, and marginalized…deservedly so, perhaps. I don’t see anywhere near the level of scrutiny or outrage being directed at Obama’s twenty years in Jeremiah Wright’s church that would compare to the outcry had McCain spent even twenty minutes sitting in the pulpits of the Westborough Baptist Church…
(You know, those losers who attend funerals for fallen US Soldiers and hold up signs saying “GOD HATES FAGS”?)

I am a fairly prolific news junkie…and I haven’t seen anywhere near the level of pandering by John McCain towards any of the extremist Right that compares to the level of pandering that Barack Obama has blatantly committed towards most, if not all, of the types of people listed above.

Which brings me back to the “lose-lose” scenario I mentioned.
If elected into office, Barack Obama will do one of two things:

1) He will turn out to be just another politician…a scheming opportunist who promised the world on a platter to his supporters, but turned on them and did his own thing once taking office.


2) He will actually attempt to follow through with his multitude of promises…and will try to pass as many new laws that will further the nanny-state Socialist movement that so many on the Left insist that American government must embrace.

In other words, we’re damned if he is…and we’re damned if he isn’t.
In my opinion, that’s a lose-lose scenario.

Again, I don’t believe Barack Obama is a corrupt schemer…nor a hubristic, misled fool…or a hateful, bigoted Anti-American. I believe that he is a good, decent man.

But I can’t say the same about a disturbingly large number of his most vocal supporters and constituents.
And that is the biggest reason why he won’t get my vote.

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