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It Always Begins In The Same Way, Part 3 … A Godsend? Or Just A Happy Accident?

June 13, 2009

This is the third part in a series of blogs where I discuss how the Left…those who proclaim themselves to be “tolerant, enlightened, open-minded, and educated”….are, in fact, some of the most intolerant, most closed-minded, and sadly some of the most uneducated people walking the planet today.

The first part was a discussion of the movie Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed by Ben Stein, a documentary about the apparent pogrom by the Left and the Educational Elite to excommunicate those who don’t march in jackbooted lock-step alongside those who unquestioningly worship the sanctity of Darwin’s Theory of Evolution.

The second part detailed the efforts by those sympathetic to the Evolution Orthodoxy to attack the intelligence and the character of Ben Stein and the men and women who were featured in the documentary, as well as attacking anybody who dared to even consider the possibility that there might be even a kernel of truth to the claims made in the film.

And then I received a belated Christmas….excuse me….a belated Winter Holiday present.
A blogger referring to himself (or herself) as “bob” left a comment on my second blog. I couldn’t ask for a greater gift!
(Just in case “bob” decides to delete his comment, I have copied his contribution to my second blog and present it to you now):


bob said…

Anybody who has anything even remotely favorable to say about Intelligent Design is a Bible-thumping, Creationist-advocating idiot.

Most of them are Bible thumpers, but all of them have one thing in common, they’re scientifically illiterate.

They hardly praised Intelligent Design but merely made a reference to it as a subject either deserving a modicum of respect or deserving consideration as a viable possibility to the origin of life…at least until science can provide evidence that would allow for a legitimate scientific dismissal of Intelligent Design as a possibility.

Translation: They hardly praised MAGIC but merely made a reference to it as a subject either deserving a modicum of respect or deserving consideration as a viable possibility to the origin of life…at least until science can provide evidence that would allow for a legitimate scientific dismissal of MAGIC as a possibility.

When you use the code words “intelligent design” you’re being dishonest. It’s really nothing more than a childish belief in magic, and that’s what you would call it if you were honest. Calling magic “intelligent design” does not make it any less childish.

I’ve been studying evolutionary biology for several years. How long have you been studying it? Or do you just watch Christian propaganda movies?

This is just beautiful.
By the way, “bob”….your real name wouldn’t happen to be Renee, would it?**
(**That’s an inside joke to my friends!)

The above comment clearly illustrates exactly what I’ve been blogging about….it also illustrates exactly what the movie Expelled is really all about: the Fascism of Evolutionary Theory and Darwinism…and the almost malicious retaliatory attacks against those who dare to question this specious status quo.
For example….
Aside form the copy/paste snippets from my own previous blog (highlighted in bold text), there wasn’t a single sentence in “bob’s” comment that didn’t….

1) Insult or denigrate the people being discussed (i.e.- illiterate, childish, dishonest).

2) Insult the writer of the blog (i.e.- childish and dishonest….again).

3) Condescendingly belittle the subject matter (i.e.- “Intelligent Design” = “Magic”)

4) Condescendingly belittle the writer of the blog (i.e.- Or do you just watch Christian propaganda movies?)

5) Toot their own proverbial horn in an attempt to further belittle the writer of the blog (i.e.- I’ve been studying evolutionary biology for several years. How long have you been studying it?)

As anybody whose read my two previous blogs knows, I never once commented as to the veracity of Intelligent Design….this point was apparently lost on “bob”, however. Truth to tell, as a self-proclaimed borderline Agnostic/Atheist, I’ve never put any value into the concept of Creationism. The purpose of my blog was only to comment on how anybody who says, prints, or does anything that puts Intelligent Design in anything other than a negative light is virtually attacked by the Left….
…and by “bob”, apparently.

As documented in Expelled, those who deny the unyielding orthodoxy of Darwinism are not out-debated or even proven wrong by their self-proclaimed more educated detractors. They are simply attacked with venomous ridicule, caustic name-calling, and personal insults.
Now…go back and read “bob’s” comment about my second blog again. See if the words ‘polite’, ‘reasoned’, or ‘scientifically factual’ come to mind as you read his reply.

Those who have actually seen the movie Expelled will know that Intelligent Design does not mean an advocation of Christianity. Even Christopher Hitchens, the Grand Poobah of religion-haters worldwide, acknowledges the concept of Intelligent Design when he postulates that life on Earth may have began as a result of extraterrestrial lifeforms intentionally “seeding” our planet many millions of years ago. He does not lay any actual claim to the credibility of such a theory….not at all….he just uses such an example as to how life on Earth might….MIGHT…. have begun.
No Jesus Christ or Buddha here, but it still counts as Intelligent Design.
Far-fetched it certainly may be….but it deserves at least a momentary consideration, don’t you think?

Another theory postulated by a profound hater of Intelligent Design claims that life may have been created on Earth when it “piggy-backed” on the formation of crystals. This theory actually correlates to the possibility that mathematics is the true fundamental element in the Universe. Consider fractal geometry on a phenomenal quantum scale….mathematics could very well be the building blocks of all that exists.
No random happenstance here. This could very well be the “Intelligent Design” that created life….and the universe as a whole.
Again, far-fetched….but still deserving of some consideration.

But no…”bob” boldly insists that Intelligent Design is nothing more than Moses, Harry Potter, and Mandrake The Magician standing on a mountaintop, waving their magic wands, shouting ‘ALAKAZAAM!”….and poof!….life is born.

“bob” also suggests with his comment that he is superior to me because he readily turns away from Intelligent Design….or more specifically “Religion-Based Intelligent Design”. And since I apparently haven’t, I am deserving of ridicule. But, again, my blogs were never about whether Intelligent Design is right or wrong.

A point that, I wish to mention again, was lost on “bob”.

I also haven’t studied Evolutionary Biology for years….which is why I don’t presume to know everything about the subject. However, “bob” claims that he does**….which is why he feels entitled to describe the many different scientists and professors who don’t bash Intelligent Design as “scientifically illiterate”.

(**I can’t help but find it interesting that whenever I have a debate about a hot-button topic, the other person just happens to be the foremost authority on the subject! Just like the time I debated the issue of Global Warming with somebody who, as it turns out, had several degrees in environmental sciences and meteorology….yet she claimed that twenty years from now Earth would resemble the movie Waterworld….
Then there was the guy who claimed to be a senior forensics expert who tried to explain to me how OJ Simpson was innocent…
And then there was my conversation with hotkitty69, who claimed to be a big-breasted 18 year old blond nympho who liked to swallow….
But I digress….)

But then, I can’t help but wonder what kind of expert on such a complicated scientific subject he must be when you consider that he couldn’t grasp the simple meaning of my simple blogs.
Remember: I never once advocated Intelligent Design….I merely recommended a movie in my first blog, and discussed the relentless attacks upon those who don’t wholeheartedly embrace Evolution and Darwinism in my second blog.
I also can’t help but wonder why somebody who claims to have years of evolutionary biology under their belt would submit a comment denouncing Intelligent Design that doesn’t provide a single, solitary piece of scientific evidence to support their viewpoint?

Now, if I were as mean-spirited as “bob”….I’d probably say something like:

Since “bob” cannot glean from my simple writings that the topic of my blogs is about an alleged Fascist indoctrination in a particular field of science, and not the actual advocation of the concept of Intelligent Design itself, and that “bob” is not able to apply his necessary scientific acumen in order to delineate such a conclusion on his own….one might theorize that the only reason “bob” has spent years studying evolutionary biology is because he has yet to achieve a passing grade in the subject….

….but that would be rude of me to say, so I won’t.

But I must say how grateful I am that “bob” was willing to leave me that particular comment of his. Not only does it prove to me that my blogs are being read by more than just my inner circle of internet friends, it also proves that both Ben Stein and I are telling the truth. You dare to make a comment (or a movie) that doesn’t pay tribute to Darwin’s controversial theory and the haters come out of the woodwork, bearing their claws, ready to tear you apart for upsetting their little Leftist apple cart.
It really added some much-needed credibility to my blog. Plus, it also gave me a perfect opportunity to respond to my own personal Fascist who tried to tell me that I was stupid and that I should shut up.

Hmm….one might think that this turned out so perfectly for me that it couldn’t be mere coincidence.
Could it be that all of this….being such a great opportunity for me to express my viewpoint…
….it would appear as if I arranged this to happen exactly the way it did…
….it couldn’t be just a happy accident….
….could it have been….


To be continued….

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  1. Jen permalink
    June 13, 2009 4:54 pm

    Ok here it is… are you sure you want to read all of this? Are you sure you want me to actually post this on your blog?

    The problem in my view is firstly, that in your blog you frequently refer to scientists as radical left-wingers and Fascists. I only found one reference to the latter and several of the former. A person’s political views would not matter one whit if their scientific methodology were beyond reproach. Einstein could have been a card carrying Nazi, and that still wouldn’t count for anything into discounting his Theory of Relativity. However the fact remains that you are lumping all scientists together and making them sound like horrible people, and by extension all people who agree with them. Be honest with yourself, you know it isn’t true, but then you are writing for your audience. I guess if you feel that if you didn’t say it just like that no one would listen to you?

    Now think back to our conversation last week. Did I shut you down? Did I not listen? Did I agree with you? I think you would find that people would still listen to you without the name-calling.

    Secondly, I have to ask: Have you ever heard of quote mining? The editing room floor? There is nothing stopping Stein from filming a bunch of stuff and then only taking things that fit his view of the world.

    In fact he used quote mining with Darwin in his movie. He also tried putting words in Richard Dawkins mouth during their interview, but fortunately Professor Dawkins was too smart to fall for that. I am unsure where you see scientists acting like they cannot answer questions. Ok sure some people did not want to talk with Stein as to why certain people were fired for supporting Creationism/ID. Did the people he was trying to interview actually know anything about it? Did they know the people involved, were they part of the firing process, or have any influence in that process?

    Did you even bother to look these people up? Did you find out why some of these people are not respected by the scientific community? My guess is no. Here I’ll help:

    Richard Sternberg: Allowed an article to be published without peer review. I know it sounds silly but scientists are actually quite big on this. It is part of the scientific method. The article in question was supposed to be reviewed by people who actually know something about the topic. Which he doesn’t, but he didn’t submit it for peer review he just OK’d it for publishing. Do you see why that is wrong? Do you understand that this is contrary not only to the scientific method but to the editorial practices of the journal he was employed by?

    Caroline Crocker: She was caught teaching creationist claims about evolution such as “No one has seen a cat turn into a dog in a laboratory” as a method of trying to show that macroevolution has not been observed. Not only is this a ridiculous straw man of what evolution theory teaches, but had anyone actually have observed such a thing, it would completely invalidate evolution. She was not fired for it but told not to do it again as theological discussion did not belong in a science class. Her contract was up at the end of the term and the college she worked for decided not to renew it. Their choice.

    Do I need to go on? Can you go look up the rest on your own now?

    Another major issue I have is actually my third point. You mentioned Fundamentalist Orthodoxy in reference to science. Science is not religion. Science is based on evidence. It is not based on a book written by man, who were trying to explain various natural phenomena and passed off as the word of God. It asks us not to believe in something that is invisible and undefinable, but in data based upon observable, repeatable, and measurable evidence.

    Life on earth is not a phenomenal accident nor is it random chance. Evolution is driven by natural selection. Those organisms best suited to their environment survive, thrive, mate and pass on their traits to the next generation. Those organisms that are not suited to the environment die.

    But Stein isn’t really asking about evolution is he? He wants to know how it started and that is not evolution that is abiogenesis. Abiogenesis is a separate theory from Evolution and one does not affect the other.

    In your blog you said that people who say respectful things about intelligent design are attacked, and you want to know how reviewers are debunked. You said they don’t try. This simply is not true. I have seen many people debunk creationists and supporters or intelligent design (I separate them since you insist they are not the same) these people are well educated, well spoken, and in many cases in the fields that they speak about. They do it and they do it well.

    You see scientists rely on proof before accepting something. Saying something is true or wishing it is, doesn’t make it so. Supporters of intelligent design have no proof. They have not written any papers for peer review. They cannot since they do not have proof they would be laughed at. And they know it, which is why they have not done it. Also, as I said this last week if as you insist intelligent design is not creationism then they need to step away from creationism. They can’t and won’t because it is the same thing.

    . Saying it was aliens doesn’t explain anything. You know darn well that I believe in aliens. Do I think they had anything to do with our being here? Hell no! We have a thing called the fossil record to prove life evolved here on this planet. I believe aliens did the same on their planet(s). I certainly don’t think it is all God, Harry Potter, or some Magician standing on a hill and waving a wand, and neither does science.

    I didn’t want to go into Hitler. I do not like Hitler, but so much time was spent on it that I feel like I should say something. Firstly the idea that Hitler was insane. He was a sociopath. I do not want to sound like I respect him, because as I said I do not like him and I do not respect him, however insane you think he was or not in some people’s opinion, he was also rather smart. He surrounded himself with people willing to do his horrible deeds and he fed on a nation’s guilt and anger over what had happened during and after the previous war. He was after power first and foremost, probably money as well, but money usually follows power so that is not hard to see. And he did horrible things. No one…well ok some deny it, but most of us do not.

    You asked for the definition of Darwinism or Social Darwinism? I ask because there is no such thing as Darwinism, Darwin postulated the Theory of Evolution which is based on natural selection. This is a scientific theory and not proposed as a method of social engineering. The scientists who support Evolution though natural selection all agree that Evolution is a solid theory supported by lots of evidence. They all also agree that Social Darwinism, which is the idea that one “race” of people is better than another and therefore deserve to live over others, is horrific. The theory of Evolution, was never meant to be applied that way. However if they were actually following Darwin, from what I understand, the Nazis wouldn’t have killed the Jews because of the fact that it is actually harmful to the general population and evolution to do so. They were perverting something to suit their own ends.

    My personal opinion is that you seem to believe what ever you see on TV. This is sad. Did you even bother to look up anything that they said in the movie? The reason you have people like “Bob” getting in your face and calling you a bible thumping creationist advocating idiot is because you are parroting what the creationists/ID people are saying. They have no proof, but would like to plunge us all back to the dark ages. People seem ungrateful for modern advances when they support those attitudes. Remember that everything around you is because of modern science. The food you eat, the place you live, the clothes you wear. Medicine, technology, and entertainment are also because of science. I for one am grateful for everything science does to make our lives better.

  2. Caroline Crocker permalink
    June 14, 2009 2:08 pm

    Interesting discussion. Thanks Xian for your courage in (more or less) suggesting that science should follow the evidence where it leads. I rarely contribute to blogs, but it is so good to see someone listen before they speak that I want to at least make a small contribution.

    Jen, You are right–not all scientists are horrible people or even left-wing. In fact it would be incorrect to make this kind of generalization about any group of people. Always, some are nice, some are not, some are clever in math, some are good at literature, some are good at science. Most have good reasons for believing what they do; we will only find out what those are if we listen to them. It would be good to keep this in mind in any discussion.

    In the light of this thought, I would like to push you a little on your challenge of Xian saying that he should look up the people who were featured as expelled scientists to find out why they were “not respected” in their fields. Perhaps you should do the same–you might find that they WERE. After all, it is well-known that the article published under Sternberg WAS peer-reviewed and approved. The details of my case are not so well-known, but it is certainly possible to find out a lot more than you present–maybe you would like to check out the posted letters and interviews posted at my website, There will be more information in my soon-to-be-published book, Free the Think. Guillermo Gonzalez, the last expellee, discovered a few planets; surely that qualifies as a good scientist!

    You finish with the assertion that questioning Darwinism will push us back into the dark ages. Do you really believe that? Having done many years of research in T cells and asthma, I can honestly say that Darwinian theory never made any difference into how I conducted the work or interpreted the results. Frankly, I suspect that most empirical work is pretty independent of evolutionary theory. It seems as if you might be falling for the “mind control by fear” games that some play when discussing this subject. I would suggest that you be as brave as your friend Xian and just evaluate the evidence on its own merits. That is, after all, not an unreasonable thing to do.

  3. Xian Do permalink*
    June 14, 2009 8:51 pm

    Hello Ms. Crocker.
    I cannot adequately express my gratitude for your comment on my meager blog. I am truly honored by your contribution…and your praise.
    Admittedly, I am not able to truly know what happened to you and why…I can only do as much research on it as I can from an outsider’s perspective.

    But from what I’ve read & seen, you were truly undeserving of what they did to you.
    Please know that you have my full support.

    I salute you & your determination to stand up to those who have maligned your good name because of your refusal to march in jack-booted lockstep with the Orwellian Groupthink in higher academia.

    Thanks again for your comment.
    I wish you the very best in your future endeavors.

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