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A Final Thought About Fidel Castro (Originally posted on 2/24/08)

June 13, 2009

In the wake of the announcement regarding the resignation of Cuba’s dictatorial leader, and Hollywood’s newly-appointed Rex Emeritus, I wanted to share my views on the man, his reputation, and his legacy.

Of course, expressing one’s own opinion in this day and age can sometimes invite trouble…especially from individuals who view dissenting opinion as personal attacks. Can you believe that there are grown men and women who behave in such an irrational manner? To be truthful, though, this phenomenon is really nothing new; in my youth, I had to deal with such situations just for living on a day-to-day basis.

For example: When I was in my early 20’s I was browsing through the pages of a comic book that was on the magazine rack of a convenience store when a snooty woman, holding the hand of her 5 or 7 year old child…
At least, I hope it was her child…
Come to think of it, I should have checked closer; maybe investigated if the boy was trying to send me a secret message via “psycho-flexive tele-ka-whoozis” or whatever they call it on Star Trek…instead, all he did was secretly pass me a torn page from the phone book with a note scribbled in crayon that read:

“help…ladey kidnaped me…call polise…I want too go hoem…”

Honestly! How can anyone figure out what that boy was trying to say with such poor grammatical skills? I blame public schools and poor parenting. Such irresponsible parents like that should have their children taken away from them!

Anyhoo, this woman, holding the child’s hand, saw what I was reading and gave me the most disgusted look of condescension one could possibly muster.
Aren’t you a little old to be reading comic books?” she asked in a whiny, nasally voice.
I paused from my reading to look at the snooty woman intruding upon my quality time.
(Hey, I was young and broke…you take life’s enjoyments when and where you can, okay?)
After giving the woman a particularly nasty look, I paused for a moment and calmly asked her “Do you let your children watch television?”
The woman was rather taken aback by my question, so she blinked a couple of times and said “Uh…yes…yes I do. Why?”
I smiled sweetly and said “Well, I rest my case, then.”…and went back to my reading.
Clearly the woman wasn’t following my logic, and definitely didn’t want to admit any sort of defeat, so she angrily blurted out “What’s that supposed to mean!?”
I looked up again from my now dog-eared copy of X-Men (well, it wasn’t exactly mine: I hadn’t bought it yet…in fact, I don’t think I bought it at all), faced the woman again, and said ” I would much rather have MY children read one thousand comic books before they sit in a chair and stare vacuously at a television for even one single hour.”
And, again, I went back to my reading.
The snooty woman was clearly at a loss for words. She stammered and tried to think up a clever comeback, but eventually she turned away and stomped out the door of the convenience store, dragging the boy by his hand behind her….but not without yelling out a few choice obscenities in my direction as she left.
As she was leaving, I heard the little boy next to her asking “Mommy, can I have a comic book?”

I’ve always cherished that memory in my mind for the past several years. One should always savor the personal victories in life just as one should savor the great victories. Besides, perhaps confronting your problems directly can yield positive results…both for you and even for the person being confronted. If the confronted person is made aware of their unnecessarily harsh and unpleasant behavior, it might convince them to improve upon their self-image…so that next time they wish to express their opinion to others it will be in a more mature, amicable manner.

Then again, such confrontations might convince those people to become even more antagonistic, more aggressive…and to prepare some clever comebacks for just such occasions.

In that case, such people should immediately be killed with hammers.
It’s the only way.

Oh, and as for Castro: I think he sucks.

Okay…I’m done.

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